Thursday, March 28, 2013

Brennan Promotes CIA Agent Who Helped Run Torture Programs

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John Brennan, who was Barack Obama’s appointment to head the CIA, recently promoted a CIA agent to director of clandestine services who “helped run the CIA’s illegal torture and detention program after 9/11 and ‘signed off on the 2005 decision to destroy videotapes of prisoners being subjected to treatment critics have called torture.’”


Obama Signs Monsanto Protection Act, Get Ready for A Riot

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Barack Obama just signed a bill that, “According to The Austin Chronicle, the measure protects genetically modified seeds from litigation by ‘allowing the U.S. Department of Agriculture to override judicial rulings and grant temporary permits for conventional farmers to plant and grow genetically modified crops while pending review.’”


Tao Lin’s development as a poet, 2001 – 2013

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Tao Lin gave a presentation to a department by or including A.D. Jameson at the University of Chicago about Tao Lin.  The notes have been posted on the internet.


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