Monday, January 28, 2013

CIA’s secret prison: ‘Poland dragging out investigation’

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Lawyers for two alleged detainees as well as Polish politicians and human rights activists are saying the Polish government is intentionally dragging out / surpressing its investigation into an alleged CIA-run prison that was used to detain and torture suspected terrorists between December 2002 and the fall of 2003.


Denver Suburb Requires Pot Growers to Install Equipment While Forbidding Them to Bring It Home

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Greenwood Village, Colorado has passed an ordinance that bans possession of marijuana and marijuana accessories (which includes equipment used for growing) on public property, including sidewalks and city streets.  The suburb is also seeking to require special ventilation systems be used for growing.  The laws conflict with each other and also with Colorado’s Amendment 64 which states possession and transportation of up to an ounce of marijuana is “not unlawful and shall not be an offense under Colorado law or the law of any locality.”


Government Appetite Growing for Twitter User Data

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Twitter released a report showing US government agencies made 815 requests for user information.  Of these requests, only 19% were accompanied by a probable cause search warrant.  Twitter complied with 69% of the requests overall.


Antigua’s Legal “Pirate Site” Authorized by the World Trade Organization

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In response to the United States blocking access of its citizens to gambling websites in Antigua, the World Trade Organization has authorized the government of Antigua to enforcement and recognition of US copyrights.  The government intends to setup a website that will distribute copyrighted movies, television, music, and software to the world for free.

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