open apple xcode

click “create a new xcode project”

ensure “command line tool” is selected and click next

when prompted, enter “butthole, finger” as the product name

click “create” as soon as the directory menu opens, angrily

delete whatever “butthole_finger.1″ is

change the commented header line “//  butthole, finger” to something like “//  Exercise 6.18″ so your professor doesn’t have to read the word butthole

delete everything inside the parentheses of “int main(int argc, const char * argv[])” so it just reads “int main()”

(i have no idea what that is supposed to do. it’s just in there.)

open google and start typing the instructions to exercise 6.18

copy and paste the code from the first forum you find that mostly uses keywords you recognize

test your program to ensure it works

submit before midnight

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