So You Want to Be a Web Designer (A Treehouse Review)



“The goal is that you could pay $75 over three months to be job ready instead of $50,000 a year for a CS degree.” -Ryan Carson, Treehouse CEO (quote alleged)

Treehouse1 is a for-profit education website with training to help you “learn how to build websites and apps, write code or start a business.”  According to their press kit, it was started in November 2011 and now has over 46,000 active users.  Currently, it offers eight “tracks” consisting of:

  • Web Design
  • Front End Web Development
  • Rails Development
  • iOS Development
  • Android Development
  • PHP Development
  • WordPress Development
  • Starting a Business

I recently completed the web design track.  Though a subscription normally costs $25 per month, I have access to a free account through some type of workforce initiative in Bloomington, IN.  I wanted to post a review to help people determine whether the service was “right for them.”

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A Collection of Alex Jones Rants

On Book Writing: Tim Ferriss and Neil Strauss


Neil Strauss was the guest of the 15th episode of The Tim Ferriss Show, released June 24, 2014.1  Strauss, perhaps most famously, is known for writing The Game,2 in which he assumes the pseudonym Style and apprentices with a pick-up artist and magician who refers to himself as Mystery.  Strauss is also known for his work as an interviewer and writer and editor for Rolling Stone, and ghost writing the autobiographies of Marlyn Manson3 and Motely Crue.4

The podcast mostly covers Strauss’ process of writing a book.  It ends with a discussion of interview tips.  My notes, organized by time and topic, follow.

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The Armadillo

The armadillo walked into his boss’s office.

His boss was a giraffe.  They worked for the CIA.

“I just got a new report,” the giraffe said, nodding towards a piece of paper. “It is bad.  It says that terrorism is down all over the world.  The President has authorized you to fly a drone over a Yemeni wedding and kill all the innocent people there.  There needs to be a ratio of dead women to children of 1.618.  1.618 is the golden ratio.  It is hidden in the Apple logo, which is itself a reference to Adam and Eve biting from the forbidden fruit of knowledge.”
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open apple xcode

click “create a new xcode project”

ensure “command line tool” is selected and click next

when prompted, enter “butthole, finger” as the product name

click “create” as soon as the directory menu opens, angrily

delete whatever “butthole_finger.1″ is
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The Year 2033

Thunderdick woke up in the deserts of Indiana.  It was the year 2033.  He went to go play basketball with his friend, Cain.

“Is that a pimple on your nose?” Cain asked.

“I don’t think so.  I think it is a nose tumor.  I ate genetically modified vegan steak last night.”

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A (Slightly Expanded) Letter to the Editor Published in the Nevada Appeal Under What May or May Not Have Been a Fake Name


Over the past few months, columnist Guy Farmer has written, what I feel, are inflammatory, ignorant dismissals of Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, and Chelsea Manning.  Specifically, Farmer claimed Snowden “betrayed his country,” violating an oath to “keep the secrets.”  Farmer seemingly proudly adds he does not call for prosecuting cooperating members of the press; he suggests the first amendment protects journalists, of which these three “aren’t.” Read more ›

Choose Yourself By James Altucher: A Review (With Notes On Self-Help)

The question of “why write” seems to be a uniquely popular, ongoing dialogue amongst writers, relative to other hobbies.  For instance, it would seem, perhaps, vaguely annoying if Kobe Bryant were asked in an interview “why he does it.”  If Thom Yorke were asked why he makes music, it would seem, likely, a reverential question, where the interviewer, in awe of the presence of Thom Yorke, would readily accept any answer as “correct” and “introspective.”  However, when Brad Listi of The Other People Podcast asks a guest why (s)he writes, it will likely be accompanied by, “Seriously, why the hell do you do it?”

“Something to this effect” was, I feel, summarized by Tao Lin in his essay, Does the Novel Have a Future? The Answer Is In This Essay!1 Read more ›

On Attending a July 4th Open Carry Protest in Carson City

Resistance and Obedience


I was extra careful in the morning not to make any noise, and even ground coffee beans the night before, while my roommate was out.  I moved to Reno just four days ago, to a shared apartment I found on Craigslist.  I didn’t want him waking up, to have to explain: “I’m going to a protest in Carson City, to like, pledge an oath of resistance and demand that the governor of Nevada stop cooperating with the federal government.”
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